Friday, June 19, 2009

to western states, 2009, part I

Karin, Pinky, and I drove west in June 2009.  Allison in Denver, Canyonlands/Moab, and Aunt Bonnie and Uncle James in Flagstaff were the reasons.

We had a quick visit to Denver, seeing Allison, Lyla, and Allison's friend Andy.  If you're in Denver, go to Steuben's Restaurant on 17th.  We did, and it was excellent.

Allison showed us around her school, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  It's an attractive campus, formerly a vast home for patients with tuberculosis, and then a cancer research center.

We needed a couple of more days to really see everything.  The school was closed when we were there, and Denver, of course... there's a lot to see.

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